Our Story

Kelley Flower Farm began in 2015 with two friends, Kelley Bowman and Sharon Kelley, who wanted grow dahlias and share their beauty with others.

The first dahlia tubers were planted in March 2015 on the farm in Modesto, California.   We counted each sprout as they burst through the soil.  We picked our first blooms in June 2015 and prepared to sell our flowers at Modesto Certified Farmers Market in Modesto. Each year our farm has seemed to grow and stretch us in ways we didn't know possible. In 2016 we planted our first peony patch. In 2017 we moved our dahlia area into new ground and planted 600 dahlias.  In 2018, we leased additional ground and added a hoop house. In 2019, we added growing ranunculus in a hoop house, which greatly boosted our early spring flowers. In 2020 we utilized our small farm to grow the most flowers possible in our 2 acres space. Today we have flowers from Mid February until Thanksgiving. In six long years, our farm has transformed into what it is today. Currently, we sell flowers directly from our farm at our self serve farm stand and have a booth at Modesto Certified Farmers Market. We also offer custom florals for events and weddings.