How do I purchase flowers?
You can easily place an order for flowers through our website, look under the order flowers tab. Another way is to stop by our farm stand located at 3101 Jackson Rd., Modesto, CA 95358. Our farm stand is self serve and we accept cash or Venmo. Another way to purchase flowers is to visit Modesto Certified Farmers Market and find our booth there. 

Do you offer flowers for weddings and events?
Yes, we do! Please take the time to fill out the short questionnaire under the wedding tab.

Can we visit your farm? 
We love to show people our farm!  Our farm in on private property and isn't open to the public. We only open our farm to visitors during our workshops and private events.

Can I take pictures at your farm?
We currently do not offer photo sessions on our farm. Feel free to enjoy the flowers out near our farm stand, but we ask that you do not enter our growing area. 

Can I order specific flowers?
We currently offer seasonal flowers. Spring brings  ranunculus, anemones, peonies, snapdragons and other beautiful flowers. Summer offers zinnias, lilies, sunflowers, lisianthus and dahlias. In the Fall time you will see dahlias, heirloom chrysanthemums and zinnias. During the Winter, we offer forced bulbs and other Christmas items. 

I'm wanting to start growing flowers, can I come see how your farm is set up?
Each farm and growing climate is different. We encourage people to make their farm uniquely wonderful in ways that fit your own interest. Check out different Flower Farm books for research in where to begin.